Saliva (Oral Fluid) Laboratory Drug Test Confirmation – 12 Drugs

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Laboratory Drug Confirmation Tests are available with any of our saliva based on-site drug testing kits. Our labs assays are performed with GC/MS and LC/MS/MS technology and are considered the gold standard of the toxicology industry.  When a person tests positive for a “family of drugs,” such as opiates, lab confirmation testing can will pinpoint which drug triggered the positive result. As an example…if a patient is taking oxycodone and has a positive result for opiates, you may have questions about whether the prescribed oxycodone caused the positive opiate result or drug abuse. Confirmation testing will identify if there are any other reasons why that individual might have tested positive. Cutoff levels for confirmation testing are lower than the levels found in instant drug tests making the lab test more sensitive. Confirmation tests are often completed when any results might be used as evidence in court.


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Drug Parameters

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Please Note: When sending the saliva specimen to our Lab, you must include the completed Chain of Custody form or your Saliva specimen will be rejected! Saliva rapid drug tests belong to the forensic testing category and as such, requires confirmation from a laboratory for all non-negative results.

List of Drugs

The list of drugs detectable with this lab test are as follows:
AMP- Amphetamine – Adderall/Ritalin
BAR- Barbiturates – Luminal/Seconal Phenobarbital
BUP– Buprenorphine – Suboxone/Subutex/Buprenorphine
BZO– Benzodiazepines – Valium/Xanax/Paxam/Victan
COC– Cocaine – Crack
mAMP– Methamphetamine – Meth/Crystal/MDMA
MTD– Methadone – Methadone/Amidone/Methadose
MDMA– Ecstasy
OPI– Opiate – Heroin/Morphine/Codeine
OXY– Oxycodone – OxyContin/Percocet/Vicodin
PCP– Phencyclidine – Angel Dust/Special K/Ketamine
THC– Marijuana – Cannabinoids/Weed/Pot

Additional Information

Please use our MRO service if needed.
A Medical Review Officer (MRO) is a medical professional who is a certified medical doctor, in charge of reviewing laboratory drug test results and determining whether the donor tested positive due to abuse or because of an over the counter or prescription medication. Once the evaluation is complete, the MRO communicates the results with you the customer.




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