DNA Paternity Test

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DNA Paternity Testing is done or performed for the purpose of establishing conclusive biological relation between an alleged father and a child.

The buccal swab test is processed by our certified forensic laboratory to determine paternity. Buccal swab collection is absolutely painless and does not present any further inconvenience to the test participants.  Laboratory personnel extract the DNA from the buccal swabs undergoe the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) process. This process tests for at least sixteen (16) loci. A DNA profile is then created using the results of the test to produce a genetic fingerprint of each participant. The DNA profiles of the child and the alleged father are compared to come up with exclusion equivalent to 0% probability or an inclusion which represents at least 99.99% probability that the alleged father is the biological father.

DNA Buccal Swab Collection Kit Contents:

  • 2 pairs of sterile, DNA-Free swabs
  • 2 Specimen envelopes w/Instructions
  • 1 Chain of Custody form

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Using a cotton-tipped swab, cheek cells are obtained by rubbing the swab against the inside of the cheek.   Swabs containing the DNA specimens are placed in individual tamper-proof packages and sealed, before they are sent to the laboratory. The package seal should remain intact upon reaching the laboratory.

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