Breath Alcohol Detector Test 0.02%

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Breath Alcohol Detector Test 0.02%

The Breath Alcohol Detector measures alcohol in human breath.

Product Description:

  • Color Chart for convenient and accurate results
  • Easy to Use & Results in 2 minutes
  • Individually Packaged
  • Up to 3 year shelf life at room temperature

Additional information





510 K #

Drug Parameters




  • Wait 15 minutes after last alcohol intake or drink a glass of water before testing
  • Hold the middle of the detector and firmly squeeze the detector to break the Inner Glass Tube.
  • Do not crush or bend the detector
  • Hold the middle of the detector horizontally and take a deep breath
  • Blow hard into the detector in the same direction as the Detector arrows for 12 seconds . Do not inhale while blowing into the detector
  • Shake the detector slightly to distribute the crystals evenly in the Test Window
  • Read results in 2 minutes by comparing the color of the majority of crystals to the Color Chart on the detector


List of Drugs

Drug detectable with this test:
Alcohol 0.02%

Additional Information


Positive: Green Color Crystals: Alcohol content is equal or greater than 0.02% BAC
Negative: Yellow Color Crystals: Alcohol content is less than 0.02% BAC

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